Color Correction

Has your Do-It-Yourself Hair job ended in drastic horrible results? Leave it to us, the professionals. Book your complimentary Color Correction consultation with one of our highly qualified and educated stylists today!

Dark to blonde Color Correction

Always requires the use of a bleach lightener. We prefer to do a strand test to ensure that the hair is still healthy enough to go through this intense process.  A small sample of hair is taken (usually from the back of the head) placed in a foil and is processed with bleach.  Within 20 minutes we will be able to determine how light we can get the hair without losing the integrity of the hair.

Upon the results of the strand test we will provide you with a rough estimate as to what your services will cost for that day along with recomendation of products that you must use to help revive your hair.

Blond to dark Color Correction

Going from a lighter shade of hair to dark is a different process.  First of all, blonde or light color has very little color pigment.  Applying the final color to your blonde or light hair will simply make it appear opaque.  Therefore, we must create a filler color using a multi-step process to fill all colors between the light and dark shades.  This is slightly more complicated than a double process and is also priced by the hour.

Sometimes Color correction cannot be performed in a single visit, in which case we will do all we can and send you home with products made to revive the health of your hair and get it ready for the follow up visit.

Color correction always requires you to review and approve our procedures on a salon waiver.  This puts all the control of the procedure in your hands and allows us to do all that we can to make you look your very best.

Service is priced at $100/hr includes chemicals and service