Demi Permanent Hair Color

Color with Paul Mitchell PM Shines Demi Hair Color

Why Demi?

If you’re ready for color but not ready for the commitment, then PM Shines from Paul Mitchell is for you. Demi is a perfect alternative to permanent color.  It doesn’t have ammonia in it, so it doesn’t entirely penetrate the cuticle.  Demi permanent hair color lays mostly on the surface, gradually washing out of the hair and returning back to the natural color.

“Demi is the new Semi”

PM SHINES adds intense hydration and brilliant shine while delivering beautiful, natural-looking color. With a PM SHINES 20-minute Lunchtime Color service, your stylist can get you in and out of the salon and looking fabulous within your lunch hour.

Demi hair color does not leave a demarcation line like permanent hair color.  Demi gives you versatility to be able to just slightly or dramatically change your hair, depending on the tones you choose.

Your hair will look and feel shinier and will be stronger because of the technology behind demi permanent color.  It gives fine hair thickness, it smoothes frizzy hair, it adds a layer of shine to the hair by smoothing out the cuticle so that the hair becomes more reflective.

No Ammonia Hair color

For anyone worried about damage, demi is the perfect product.  Ammonia is the culprit behind damage not peroxide, and that is something very important to differentiate. PM Shines is an ammonia-free alternative.

For additional information ask your stylist.  Demi permanent washes out within weeks therefore is not a permanent solution. Demi permanent color is translucent (opaque) and therefore not suitable for gray coverage.  Demi permanent color costs the same as regular color service.  A typical application including shampoo & blow-out is about an hour for short hair.