(Frequently Asked Questions)

 Here are some of the questions we get asked frequently.  If you wish to add to this section feel free to e-mail us.

Q) I just became a redhead, why is my color fading?

A) Red color is the most difficult color to manage, and you are not alone.  Due to the fact that the red color molecule is larger than any other color it is the most difficult to control.  When you want red, it is hard to get it.  And when you want it gone, it is the toughest to remove.  Our clients that get red color are sent home with special conditioner that is mixed with a strong red dye that you will use once a week to maintain the vibrancy of the color.

Q) I have boxed (over the counter purchased) color and I did not get the expected results, can you help?

A) It may seem that you’re saving money when you do color at home.  However the results will never compare to those you will receive in the hands of a professional.  We use only high quality Paul Mitchell color and our results are guaranteed.  Any time you use box color and color is not as expected because of the quality of the product or improper application you will need to come in to the salon for a consultation.  Our color professional will examine your hair and determine the quality to insure that it can go through another color process prior to service.  If your hair is healthy we will proceed with the service, if not you may be sent home with some product to help the hair regain it’s strength and will have to come back after a few weeks.  Oftentimes we may be able to cover up the previous dye-job without any problems.

Q) I have dark color hair and I want to go lighter, what is involved?

A) Depending on how you got your dark hair there may may different procedures, results and the amount of time it takes to achieve the lighter hair.  Say your hair is naturally black, you have never applied any kind of natural or chemical dye; we call this virgin hair.  To take virgin hair from black to a light shade of blond may be from 1 to 2 processes.  If you want to go blond overnight, we can bleach wash the hair to lighten it and if after the first process if the hair still feels healthy you may be able to go through second procedure to further lighten it.  If you gradually want to go blond, we can get you there with either lighter bleach wash or with an application of many highlights over a few months.  The highlight procedure is recommended if your hair is not healthy.

If you have been coloring your hair to get to the dark, we will perform a strand test by taking a small clipping and processing it.  Once the hair is processed it will give your colorist an indication of the layers of color and the proper formulation to use for lighten the hair.

Q) I tried to lighten my hair with store brought product and my hair is now green/orange/brassy/uneven HELP?

A) At the front desk we hear this all the time and the first step you should take is to make an appointment for a consultation so that we can access the situation of your hair.  We will determine the color and the damage and recommend the steps that need to be taken to get repair the color as well as getting it healthy.

Q) I just got my hair cut and I don’t like it for some reason.

A) Although all effort is made to cut and style your hair so that it is easy to manage, there may be times when it looks uneven or asymmetric, few long pieces, etc.  You are fully covered by our no-nonsense policy.  Just call and we will get you in as soon as your stylist is available.  The no-nonsense policy does not cover a change in the style of cut.

Q) I need a bang trim

A) We provide bang trims at no charge.  Our regular clients also enjoy complementary cleanup between their appointments.  Walk-ins for bang trims may have to wait for stylist availability.

Q) I wanted my roots lightened with color instead of bleach, why was I asked to sign a waiver?

A) Your hair stylist has gone through 1800 hours of training in school and on top of that may have thousands of hours of experience with color.  When you tell your stylist how to do their job instead of just telling them what you want done causing us to bypass the normal salon procedures and we can not guarantee your results. That is why we will ask you to sign a waiver.

Q) Do you have stylists fresh out of school doing hair services?

A) Hypnotic Salon does hire new graduates with a license as “Salon Assistants”.  Assistants go through 2-4 months of training before they perform any color service and remain an assistant for 6 months before earning a “Hair Stylist” position.  During their training period assistant is closely monitored and works under the care of our Salon Artistic Director.

Q) I called to make an Appointment and was refused, what’s that about?  How do I see my stylist again?

A) Frequent cancellation and No Shows to a scheduled appointments financially hurts not only your stylist but the salon.  In this economy we cannot afford to have stylists without work  If you cancel your appointment more than once and/or No Show more than once you will be required to leave a deposit to secure your next appointment.  If you cancel your next appointment or no show, your deposit will be forfeit and we will no longer accept new appointments for you.  You will be placed on walk in status.  Thank you for your understanding.

Q) What makes Hypnotic Salon better than other salons?

A) The management team at Hypnotic Salon has worked hard to assemble some of the top stylists.  We offer our stylists in salon education from National Paul Mitchell educators. The stylists are inspired to follow their dreams and never told how to do their job. The management team is always open to suggestions on how to improve our services.  We keep on top of all our reviews, both good and bad. Every review is an educational opportunity.  We don’t consider ourselves the best because there is always room for improvement. Our client retention speaks for itself. We are also ranked highly by our clients on Google, City-search, Kudzu, Yahoo, and Insider-pages.

Here are a few more reasons why we are different.

  • Paul Mitchell trained stylists have cutting edge knowledge of the latest color and cut techniques
  • Convenient location with storefront parking
  • Call, click or text to make your appointment
  • Shampoo, Blowout and Style included with all hair services
  • Complimentary trim/cleanup between your appointments
  • Reminder day before your scheduled appointment
  • No hassle REDO Policy
  • Select as one on the top 100 Salons in the United States by ELLE Magazine
  • Voted Best of City-search 2007, 2008, & 2009
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Free Wifi
  • Free iphone/itouch charger as well as USB compatible phone charger
  • Freshly brewed coffee, water and cookies.

We hope we have answered many of your questions here.  If you have further question please do not hesitate to call us.

It is our policy to see every client leave our salon happy.  If you are ever unhappy with the results, please ask for the manager and we will make every effort humanly possible to see that you are made happy.