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Hair Detox Service Benefits

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First, Please stop using illegal drugs.

Hair detox service is for you if you’ve been required to take a drug test. If you’ve taken medications or illegal substances you need a Hair Detox, and we are here to help.  We don’t promote the use of illegal substances,  we are not here to judge.  If you have been using drugs you should stop using them and if you cannot, there are many agencies available to help you through the process.

Your best chances of passing the Hair Drug Test are with us.  There are a lot of copy cat detox places, but we have been doing this procedure for over 8 years and constantly improve the process.  Hypnotic Salon uses the latest  techniques to scrub your hair clean, inside and out. As always Hypnotic Salon will maintain client confidentiality of any services performed.

Don’t waste your time with

  • Store bought shampoos labeled “Hair Detox”
  • Supplements claiming to detox your hair (this is simply impossible)
  • Vinegar washes (only good for for feminine hygiene care)
  • Using dish soap or laundry detergent (good only for dishes and cloths)

Don’t even bother with the home brew detox concoctions or hair detox shampoo.  These products are wax based and only coat the hair with wax or other substance that mask the hair and attempt prevent the detection of low quantity of illegal substances.  For the last 5 years new solvents have been used to dissolve the waxes and coatings to get to the core of the hair. Old school clarifying hair shampoos simply don’t work anymore. And simply bleaching and coloring your hair is not enough.

The procedure takes about 3-4 hours depending on the length of hair. Hair detox process is virtually undetectable. Nothing is fool proof, however we’ve got the best results possible in the business.

Prices start at $250+ for men and $400+ for women, there may be up charge for long hair. Book your appointment online. We recommend that you schedule your appointment within 48 hours of your scheduled drug test.

For more information on Hair Detox service please visits Hair Detox Las Vegas web site

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