Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

THIS WEEK SPECIAL – REMI 22″ Tape-in Hair Extensions $399 per pack installed.

  • 100% Remi Human Hair
  • Huge Selection of Color & Length
  • Installed same day

What are you waiting for?

We have all colors in stock and ready for installation today.  Specials available for color service during your extensions service.

This revolutionary brand of hair is easy to wear and easy to care for.  Service takes just 60 minutes and you will leave the salon with long luxurious hair. Virtually impossible to detect, only you’ll know it’s extension hair.

If you don’t have long hair but want to get that glamorous look of  long hair then Hair Extensions may be for you.  Hair extensions involve attaching real human hair to your natural hair with micro-cylinders.

Extensions attached using micro-cylinders allows you to get adjustments as your hair grows out. The extensions can be left in the hair anywhere from several weeks to months and depending on care hair may be reused up to a year.

Hair extensions with locks can be adjusted as your hair regrows and you can remove your hair and re-install at a later date. We recommend you get adjustments every 2 to 3 months to prevent hair from tangling.Our experts will walk you thorough the steps during your complementary consultation

Hair Extensions in Stock

Cost: Oftentimes very expensive, hair extensions can range between $300-$2500.  The huge difference in the price range depends on how many pieces, quality and the length of hair extensions being installed.

Installing a full head of hair could take up to 5 hours of tedious work, which requires your stylist to give up an entire day of work to give you the dedicated attention.  This may include coloring your hair and or the extension hair.

When we quote the price for your service it will include all the work including any additional color work that may be required.


Follow Directions: Upon the completion of your service you will receive a list of DO’s and DONT’s.  Follow these directions carefully if you are to enjoy your extension for a long period  of time.  You may also be required to purchase products to maintain the hair quality.

Can I curl & Style my Hair Extensions?

Remember that hair extensions we use is made from real 100% human hair.  You may curl your hair and flat iron it as long as you use some simple precautions.

Here are a few factors to consider before scheduling a complimentary consultation at Hypnotic Salon:

hair extensions before and after2

Time:  The hair extension installation service can be quite time consuming.  Depending on how many pieces you are having installed, your service could take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.  However, the time you are spending in the salon is not the only time you’ll be spending on your extensions.  With longer hair, you will spend more time shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying, and styling your hair.

Due to damaging effects of removing glued in extensions we only perform the micro-cylinder or “Locks” extension here. This is the safest method and does not require any glues, heat or harmful and dangerous chemicals.

Extensions are easy to care for and comfortable to wear. Offering individual or weft Keratin protein bonded natural human hair. Available in 14-22 inch straight or wavy hair. We only use 100% Human Remi hair.